Why Commercial Service?

McKinney is uniquely positioned to reach a desirable customer base, offering convenience to the region and competition in the market that will ultimately benefit residents of McKinney, Collin County, and all of North Texas. The tremendous growth in North Texas and the projected growth in the Metroplex supports the City Council’s strategic goal for the airport.

Source(s): Woods & Poole and U.S. Census American Community Survey, S1901 Report for 2020 5-Year Estimate, InterVISTAS Consulting, Inc. Economic Impact Study Analysis. October 2022; Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly Demand Analysis. June 2022

Potential Economic Impact

Commercial service will not only offer convenience and connectivity to travelers but also increase the desirability of McKinney and Collin County for business growth and enhance the city’s ability to attract leisure and hospitality industries, benefitting even those who don’t travel by air. 

Source: InterVISTAS Consulting, Inc. Economic Impact Study Analysis. October 2022


new jobs to the region


in wages


in economic output


in taxes benefitting local, state, and federal governments

Read the full report regarding the benefits to the region by clicking this link to the 2022 InterVISTAS Economic Impact Study, or by visiting the Resource Page.

Environmental Assessment

An environmental assessment started in 2022 analyzed the potential environmental impacts to resources such as water, wildlife and habitat, culture, air quality, noise, surface transportation, residences, and community populations.

The City of McKinney held two open house events to give residents and community stakeholders an overview of the preliminary results from the environmental studies underway for the planned commercial air service terminal at McKinney National Airport.

Two meetings were held:

  •  March 23, 2023 – Old Settler’s Recreation Center, 1201 E. Louisiana St

Click here to view the March 23 McKinney Preliminary Environmental Studies Open House Presentation

  • April 19, 2023 – Cockrill Middle School, 1351 S. Hardin Blvd

Click here to view the April 19 McKinney Preliminary Environmental Studies Open House Presentation

A public hearing for the draft Environmental Assessment will be held before the final document is submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration and TxDOT Aviation, as an additional opportunity for public feedback.

Preliminary Site Plan

Development is planned for the east side of the airport.

  • TxDOT has selected the alignment east of the airport as its preferred option for the Spur 399 extension
  • A six to eight lane freeway with frontage roads is proposed
  • Spur 399 will improve connectivity between the eastern portion of Collin County and destinations south of McKinney
  • Learn more about the TxDOT Spur 399 extension at www.keepitmovingdallas.com/US380EIS