McKinney Bond Committee

Purpose of the Bond Committee

McKinney City Council has appointed committee members to consider a bond election.

The proposed bonding authority will focus on improvements and projects at McKinney National Airport. One project that may be included is a new terminal building that would support commercial air service, which aligns with the Airport’s 2019 master plan and the City’s strategic goals.

The committee will provide their recommendation whether a bond should be called in May 2023.

McKinney Bond Committee Makeup

The Bond Committee was established by City Council. These Community members will serve on one of five subcommittees supported by an Executive Committee. The subcommittees include: Community Stakeholders, Development and Infrastructure, Business and Industry, Finance, and Government and Regional.

2023 Bond Program Calendar

The 2023 Bond Program Calendar consists of a series of meetings at which the Bond Committee will meet. Briefing materials from each of the committee meetings and subcommittees are available below:


Date Meeting Objective
September 6, 2022 Staff Presentation to Council
September 20, 2022 Council Discusses Bond Committee Composition
September 27, 2022 Council Appoints Bond Committee
October 12, 2022
October 26, 2022

November 9, 2022

December 2022 – February 2023

Bond Committee Reports to Council

      • Executive Committee of Bond Committee Gives Presentation of Recommendations to Council
      • Council Discussion Regarding Recommendations
      • City Council Sets Final Slate of Projects
      • Council Directs Staff to Prepare for Calling of Bond Election

Council Calls for Bond Election

      • At Council’s Direction, Staff Confers with Bond Counsel on Bond Proposition Language
      • Structure of Election Ballot Propositions Developed by Bond Counsel
      • Call for Bond Election Must Occur 60-Days Prior to Election