A New Terminal to Benefit All of North Texas

144,000 Square Foot Terminal

Four Gate Sustainable Facility

New Dining and Retail Amenities

Over 2,000 Parking Spaces

Enhanced Passenger Experience

McKinney Expansion Plans

The tremendous growth in the North Texas region fuels the timing of this planned expansion, and research demonstrates the Metroplex can support more than two commercial service airports.

McKinney is uniquely positioned to reach a desirable customer base, offering convenience to the region and competition in the market that will ultimately benefit residents of McKinney, Collin County, and North Texas.



Environmental assessment 2022-2023; Proposed Bond Election May 2023; Construction 2024-2025; Terminal Opens 2026

Frequently Asked Questions

Is McKinney adding commercial service to the McKinney National Airport?

The McKinney City Council has appointed committee members to consider a May 2023 bond election. 

The proposed bonding authority would focus on improvements and projects at McKinney National Airport. One project that may be included is a new terminal building that would support commercial air service, which aligns with the airport’s 2012 master plan and the city’s strategic goals. 

The committee will recommend whether a bond election should be called in May 2023. 

How long has McKinney been planning to add commercial air service?

Commercial air service has been part of the McKinney National Airport’s master plan since 2012.  

City leaders have spent a significant amount of time doing their due diligence to ensure commercial air service is both a viable option and in the best interest of the community.  

Does the Dallas-Fort Worth area need another commercial airport?
North Texas is among the fastestgrowing major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future. It is not uncommon for large urban areas – like the Metroplex – to have multi-airport systems.  
How would this project be funded?

If approved by the voters, funding for the project is proposed to come from several sources, including General Obligation bonds, federal grants, and low-interest federal transportation infrastructure loans. More information about the bond committee related to a potential bond election is available at this link: Bond Committee.

If the bond passes and this project comes to fruition, which airlines would operate out of the airport?
Those airlines which would operate at the airport have not been determined. The city and its consultants have been in discussions with multiple airlines that have expressed interest.